My Faraway I


‘My Faraway I’ by Tamri Pkhakadze

Genre: Contemporary romance, Romantic suspense, Erotic romance

The text in original language (Georgian)

  • Word count – 18 909
  • Characters (with spaces) per page – 1,800
  • Characters (with spaces) per all pages – 140, 386
  • A hypothetical number of pages – 140, 386 ⁚ 1,800 = 77.99

My Faraway I -1

A young woman, called Mary M. goes to a professor psychiatry to understand her problem: she feels bifurcated into two different women. One of these women is innocent and pious, while another one is full of stormy passions and has a nature of whore. Mari M. even has eyes of different colours: one of them is green and another is blue.

Mary M. gives the professor her diary. There she has described her dreamings, where one night she is innocent virgin, and another night she is whore…

The doctor leaves a diary to himself and appoints a visit of Mary M. after two weeks. When after two weeks Mary M. comes to professor, she finds out, that the doctor has dead.  She takes her diary and now she tries another way.

Mary M. goes to one village, where the prophet mullah lives. On the way to village Mary M. gets acquainted with a young man, journalist, who is going to make a movie about exactly that mullah.

The pair approaches. They pass a stormy-love night at village, on the river bank. The journalist is sure that he can fix a split personality problem at Mary M.

Mullah tells Mary M., that all she needs is love, and beloved man next door.

42874295_337026870437533_7978581933405765632_nMary M. is unhappy to hear such primitive diagnosis. She leaves the mullahs residence, she leaves the journalist too and goes away from village. That’s the time, when some military operations begin at the border of Georgia.

Mary M. stops the military car and goes and goes to the conflict zone. Even in the war she is bifurcated. One of her inward women is the nurse of the Red Cross and saves the wounded soldiers, whereas another one sees only courageous, handsome males and gives the dying ones a hot kiss for goodbye.

Neither war helps the problem of Mary M. nor consistently, does suicide idea come to her.

In the same time Mary M. doesn’t stop writing a diary. In the diaries she talks to dead professor who still appears her dreams. Unexpectedly, the process of writing brings peace to her soul. Now the pen is the same for Mary M. that secretly sent file for the prisoner on the way acquisition of his freedom.

She feels, she must write and write.

The idea of suicide leaves away and Mari M. begins new life.



* Georgia, Tbilisi: Diogene Publishing House, 2005 – ISBN: 99940-45-23-7