‘CV’ by Tamri Pkhakadze

Genre: Action / Adventure, Mystery fiction, Meta fiction, Menippean satire

The text in original language (Georgian)

  • Word count – 70 759
  • Characters (with spaces) per page – 1,800
  • Characters (with spaces) per all pages – 497, 527
  • A hypothetical number of pages – 497, 527 ⁚ 1,800 = 276.40

42759937_333502377422098_2545151710704173056_nThis is a history of woman-writer.
On New Year’s Eve, during the normal job search on the internet, a young women writer is falling asleep lethargic. In a dream she falls into another world. Her guide in that world is her dead friend, named Di.
Di intercedes her friend writer with heavenly powers. The writer’s cherished dream is fulfilled: she should not think about daily bread, about utility payments, about dollar and lari rate… Now she has a villa by the ocean, and she can calmly write. Noone can dismiss her work and humiliate her. Now she is a free and financially secure writer, just the same about what she once envied.
But as it appears, the writer has so got used eternal fight for existence, to eternal difficulties, to stresses, to problems that without this things she won’t be able to writing. It turns out that all these difficulties are an incentive for writing the work, without it she can’t write something. Happiness and full comfort disturb her and make her unproductive.
cv-00About this problem she complains at Di.
Di arranges for the writer a large medical consilium. In the consilium involved all those, who dealt with oneirology and dream theory. Those are: Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Vanga, Salvador Dali, and Carlos Castaneda, Russian organization Dreamhackers, Zhuang Zhou and Robert Monroe. Participants of a consilium forget the patient and polemic between them becomes uncontrollable because each of them considers himself the Lord.
The writer runs away. She runs to her own, real God, and she is sure, her god will give an answer and a real hint for the way. And here is the hint! From night of New Year when the writer has fallen asleep a lethargically sleep, she has prevailed away herself one Curriculum vitae.
Decision is made. On the points of CV Mary M. begins to remember her life gone by. And she begins to write and describe everything in her so called ‘The Sand Parchment’. She is writing about all the same suffering, problems and actually, exactly those sufferings and problems stimulates young woman to write her ‘The Sand Parchment’.
The writer’s memories have several subjects: 1. Eleonora, a woman, refugee from Abkhazia. Once the writer saves her from suicide and gave her accommodation in her house. This is a subject of war and great dream of returning to Abkhazia. 2. ‘Long legs’ are the theme of love. The writer is madly in love with a well-known filmmaker, who prefers fleeting passions more, than serious love. 3. Theme of chronic unemployment of the writer. 4. The theme of searching for the deceased mother. 5. News from real life, from the earth whom the writer is told by Di.
But it’s time for separation from Di. The writer is left alone. Sorrow takes hold of her.
And here mother’s ghost comes to the rescue. She hugs daughter and sings her a lullaby for awakening. And the writer wakes up.
It turns out, that she wakes up in Abkhazia, in Eleonora’s house. She is still young, and a filmmaker lives nearby and sends her red roses every day…
* Georgia, Tbilisi: Shemecneba Publishing House, 2009 – ISBN: 978-9941-9108-4-5