Long-nosed Sorcerer Marcia, King Chubby the First and Others


‘Long-nosed Sorcerer Marcia, King Chubby the First and Others’ by Tamri Pkhakadze

Genre: Action / Adventure, Children’s literature

The text in original language (Georgian)

  • Word count – 19 111
  • Characters (with spaces) per page – 1,800
  • Characters (with spaces) per all pages – 137, 046
  • A hypothetical number of pages – 137, 046 ⁚ 1,800 = 76.14
Illustration by Nana Melkadze

On the bank of the green swamp, in curve, the covered moss a lodge, there lived a Long-nosed Sorcerer Marcia. She was such lazy that from 500 rules of sorcery she knew by heart only 15. Once she had to dry up urgently the King Chubby the First who has got wet in the rain. But Marcia has confused the rule and has turned the king into a donkey. Together with the king donkey she rushed in the wood, to witch of woods Keka for the Book of magical rules. But it turns out that the Keka’s grandmother has presented the book to the King’s grandmother.
Girlfriends together with a King-donkey fly to the royal palace. At the palace Marcia and Keka turn into invisible beings, and leave the sleeping king-donkey at palace gate, and put a crown and a cloak in a sack and hang up to him on a back.
In the royal palace there is a big alarm: the king was gone, and all his portraits shout as donkeys at the top of the voice. The carrier who has returned to the palace without king is sure that has just dreamed him as if he saw a donkey with a royal crown on the head. The minister of royal secrets begins to dream to take the place of the king. Marcia and Keka who is invisible beings look for books on sorcery and at the same time create a lot of ridiculous history in the palace.
The queen Cherry continually falls in faints, and only the princess Tulip runs on search of the daddy.
Meanwhile the royal shepherd of donkeys, going by the palace, conducts a lonely donkey at gate. The shepherd of donkeys gives a sack to the royal watchman, and a donkey attaches to other donkeys. The new donkey repeats to all other donkeys that he is the king because of what big fun begins.

Illustration by Nana Melkadze

The watchman gives a sack to the chief minister, and that gives to the queen, and at last the crown is found in this sack. Rumors that the king was turned into a donkey begin to seem plausible. They call the shepherd of donkeys with the donkeys and all ministers in turn try to identify a donkey-king, but it is impossible.
In the royal palace all portraits have turned into portraits of donkeys and they have begun an intolerable roar. The first runs away the queen, and behind her all others.
Meanwhile Marcia and Keka find the book, begin a fight because of her and tear the book to scraps. Leaflets scatter on all kingdom.
And the leaf with the rule of transformation back into the king of the king turned into a donkey falls into hands of the princess Tulip and her friend Celery-boy. They read the rule and the king becomes a king again. And Celery-boy appears the bewitched foreign prince.
King Chubby the First has enough changed, gains asinine life: the word ‘Hanging!’ his anymore not most favorite word and in general, not hunting to it to be the king. He gives a throne to the daughter and the prince. And he itself goes to a round-the-world travel that to rock on all swing of the world and to try all ice-creams in this world.

Illustration by Nana Melkadze

* Georgia, Tbilisi: Bakur Sulakauri Publishing, 2016 – ISBN: 978-9941-2370-0-3